27 before 27

For the past two years, I have created a weekly goal planner for the new year—I started with a yearly calendar in Excel and thought of a goal for every week of the year. After two years of doing this, I feel really satisfied with the things I’ve accomplished by this exercise, but as I approach the end of year 2, I feel like it’s time for something different—something a little more fun and a little more flexible.

Enter the “27 before 27” list. I had this idea a while ago and I’ve been working on this list for a couple months now. I’ve been eager to start but I thought it was too early. Now that I’m about 1 week from my 26th birthday, I feel like I can get started. :)

Some of these things are looming tasks that I never get around to; some are simply fun little things to remind myself to relax once in a while. In any case, here is my 27 before 27 list:

1)                make a dessert from scratch

2)                visit a new hockey rink

3)                take a class

4)                start a garden

5)                visit the farmer’s market

6)                travel to a new state

7)                sew something

8)                read a classic novel

9)                send an unsolicited gift

10)          meet a neighbor

11)          paint the hallway

12)          donate blood

13)          preserve wedding dress

14)          finish organizing/printing photos

15)          update résumé

16)          attend a rock concert

17)          buy some red high heels

18)          go camping

19)          walk or run for a purpose

20)          go to a museum

21)          go canoeing

22)          have a 100% “me” day

23)          buy a bicycle

24)          celebrate 4-year graduationversary

25)          color an entire coloring book

26)          read a non-fiction book

27)          add to Disney movie collection

What do you think?



Sheila said...

I love it! I really like that it's a list that you can choose as you go and find the right time to fit things in as the year goes on. Please keep us posted. You always inspire me with the way you follow through... do you have a tendency to procrastinate at all or are you naturally inclined to getting things done? Good luck :)

Misty Bourne said...

Sheila, thanks for your encouraging words! Most of the time I'm not a procrastinator--I'm very much an advocate of "work hard, play hard," in that order. It's always easier to relax when you know you're not putting something off. :) I'll definitely be updating as I accomplish these things!