27 before 27: #27 add to Disney movie collection

I hadn’t planned on completing this goal so soon (#27 on my 27 before 27 list: add another classic to our Disney movie collection), but my mom and dad are apparently looking out for me, because they bought us Beauty and the Beast for Christmas! :)


I definitely plan on adding many more to our collection, but this is a start and enough to cross off another goal!



Sheila said...

Sweet! AMT is doing Beauty and the Beast this year and Brooke is going to be a spoon. It makes me smile to imagine that :)

I started a list of goals for 2011 and am excited about getting started. Glad you're already on your way to 27. I'm inspired!

Misty Bourne said...

*lol* Can't wait to see that!

And I'm surprised I'm already three goals in, too! ;) Hopefully I can keep up the momentum.