book banter: Lost in a Good Book

image Lost in a Good Book

Jasper Fforde 


Lost in a Good Book is the second in the Thursday Next series (Thursday Next is the name of the main character) by Jasper Fforde. I read the first book in the series, The Eyre Affair, when I was in college and just loved it. The series is full of literary references—you’re sure to notice tons of them, and probably miss a few, just because there are so many! In Lost in a Good Book, Thursday dabbles in Jurisfiction work, going in and out of literary works that many people will recognize (Great Expectations, “The Raven,” etc.). In this second book, there’s an unpublished play by Shakespeare in question, and Thursday gets to meet the Cheshire Cat. There’s also some time travel, a pet dodo, and even some zombies!

Everything about the way Fforde writes is engaging—he uses wordplay effectively, throws in so many literature references you can’t keep up with them, uses entertaining yet easy-to-follow dialog, and creates believable characters in whom you become immediately invested when you begin to read about them.

I would recommend this book to any English or literature student and anyone who has an appreciation for either of those things. I would, however recommend starting with The Eyre Affair. I enjoyed the first book in the series more than this one, and it also helped me understand a lot of what was going on at the start of this second novel. Definitely worth the read!