Saturday SOS—an introduction

Welcome to Saturday SOS (simple organizing solutions). I love organization; let’s just establish this now. I organize everything—my CDs, my craft supplies, my recipes, my to-dos—you name it, I organize it. I love organization for two reasons:

  • Organization is easy for me
  • Organization makes my life easier

j0297267 I realize that not everyone has the blessing of that first bullet. I count myself very lucky to have the organizing gene. But I think everyone will agree with the second bullet—organization streamlines your day. It simplifies the mundane to leave you more time for the exciting parts of life. Instead of searching around for 15 minutes trying to find that recipe I wanted to try tonight, I know exactly where it is—I can find it and start cooking without wasting time!

Admittedly, just because I love organization and it comes naturally to me doesn’t mean every area of my life is organized. Organizing takes a lot of time, something I’m working on managing better and better each day. So to kick off my SOS posts, I decided to find 5 areas in my apartment that I wish were more organized:

  1. My bedroom closet and dresser
  2. Wedding leftovers
  3. Spice cabinet
  4. My desk
  5. Holiday decorations

After I had identified the areas that needed a little SOS, I listed some ways I could organize each one.

  1. My bedroom closet and dresser – get rid of shoes I never wear, get rid of the box of books I need to sell, get rid of clothing I never wear, re-organize the clothing to better utilize space; remove things from bedroom closet that belong somewhere else in the apartment
  2. Wedding leftovers – reorganize the tote of keepsakes from the wedding, sell or donate the pile of supplies I’ll not need again (this will mean taking inventory of everything I have, researching how much money I can make for everything, taking pictures and posting on Craigslist)
  3. Spice cabinet – take everything out and throw away expired stuff, organize into categories, find containers, label containers and put everything in its designated space, somehow make measuring cups more easily accessible (I haven’t figured out the solution to this yet)
  4. My desk – de-clutter the corkboard, remove all paper clutter from desk surface, find a way to make the space more inviting, organize desk drawer
  5. Holiday decorations – separate decorations into different holidays, get rid of any decorations that we don’t like, buy appropriate containers and store each holiday’s decorations in a separate container (right now they are all jammed into one huge box)

The next step will be to commit to a day to tackle each area, but you get the picture. The hardest part is deciding you need to organize something and then making the plan to do it.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Are there any areas in your life that need organization (think outside the home, too)?



Sheila said...

You are so talented Misty. I dont have the organizing gene, but I do love to read about it. I'm hoping some will wear off!

Your blog looks great :) One thing though.. the links with the fancy writing are a little hard to see and read. The color kind of blends into the background instead of being highlighted. It might just be my computer, but I wanted to let you know :)


Misty Bourne said...

@Sheila, thanks for the encouragement! :) I wondered how the script font would appear on other people's computers. It looks fine on mine, but this is good to know. I'll try to find a more legible script. Come back and let me know if it's better! :)

And if you ever need to borrow my organizing gene, you know where to find me!