Sunday Resolutions Update / a Question for You

j0401459This past week I did much better with all of my goals. I wrote quite a bit, I read quite a bit, I rested a lot this weekend and have churches lined up for every Sunday in February. I managed to focus more on others than myself at work which has been especially difficult given the struggles and stress there. I got plenty of sleep and ate well this week, too.

But what I can’t seem to get in the swing of things is exercising on a regular basis. I have tried and tried. My husband is a personal trainer and even that doesn’t get me working out as often as I should.

So my question to you is: how do you stay active? What are your tricks for making yourself exercise, especially when you don’t want to?



Cree said...

I would suggest investing in a couple of dance DVDs, especially on days when you are working from home and/or it's raining/cold out. It's amazing how much fun those DVDs can be, and what a workout you can get from them as well!