Sunday Resolutions Update


Another week has gone by…here are my updates on my resolutions:

1) I will write more. I’ve been blogging pretty consistently (as you can see). I didn’t, however, write in my journal last Wednesday like I was supposed to. I think I’ll be doing that tonight—I need to.

2) I will read more. I didn’t read on Thursday, my designated reading night. I talked to a friend instead, but I hadn’t talked to her in a while so it was worth it. I did read quite a bit during the rest of the week.

3) I will honor the Sabbath. I worked hard on Saturday to get my chores accomplished so I could rest today. We did have to go look at a house today (we’re in the market) but we couldn’t go and see it yesterday—the realtor was busy. I prepped dinner last night again so I wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

4) I will find a home church. I went to another church again this morning, and I’ve been praying for God to show me where He wants me to be!

5) I will take better care of my body. Confession—this is not going well. I’m stress eating. And I only worked out twice last week. But I have to remind myself that twice is more than zero, and I have to remember that this is a new week with new opportunities. I can do this!

6) I will be more loving. I haven’t done well this week to focus on what other people need rather than my own feelings. Work has been very stressful for me lately and I’m getting swept up in my stress rather than how I can be a servant for others. I need to improve on this.

Overall, not an excellent job, but blogging about this stuff is keeping me thinking about what I need to do. I think it’ll be better going forward!